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Condom Storage

Condom StorageWhere should you keep your condoms?

Here’s a quick rundown on where to stash away your condoms so that you can always stay prepared. A lot of us, if not all of us, have heard the old advice to not keep a condom in your wallet, but how many of us know why? Is it a good idea to keep your condoms in a refrigerator? (Quick Answer : No.) It’s always good to have a condom on hand, but it’s also good to remember that condoms degrade over time and need to have a little bit of care and attention. To summarize, you want to keep a condom close by, but not TOO close by.

When stored in a cool, dry place condoms without spermicide are generally good for around five years from the time they are manufactured. Condoms with spermicide last about two years. Usually the expiration dates are printed on the back (for example EXP: 02/2012). It is not advisable to use a condom after the expiration date. Heat, sun, moisture, and fluorescent light can all cause damage to packaged latex condoms and non-latex condoms, as can hauling them around in your pocket, wallet, or purse. People should store them thoughtfully and may want to choose an appropriate place near to where they would use them.

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Also check the expiration dates of your natural enhancement supplements such as Endurnz or Eztenze and never leave these in a hot place or in sunlight.  Make sure the capsules have not been cracked allowing air to enter. The natural herbs and plant extracts can deteriorate in these as well. Its best to keep these along with your condoms in the bathroom or night stand.

  1. It’s also important to check that the package is sealed before opening it — each package should feel like a pillow of air is sealed inside.
  2. Inspect your latex companion for signs of brittleness, dryness or wear before slipping it on a penis, sex toy, fingers, etc. The same goes if it will be cut open to create a latex dam. If you have any doubts, start with a fresh one. Condoms are inexpensive compared with the cost of a sexually transmitted infection or an unplanned pregnancy, so there’s no need to be sparing.

Is keeping my condom in my wallet a good idea?

condom in walletNo! The reason behind why this is a bad idea is because, over time, your body heat can weaken the latex of the condom. If you put the condom in your wallet, and then the wallet in your back pocket, that condom is trapped in all of that body heat for a considerable amount of the day, for days at a time. The ideal temperature for storage of your condom is room temperature. They were manufactured to be easily taken care of and easily stored, so that there wouldn’t be any problems with consumer error, or during transit to various retail outlets, etc. So in order to avoid your body heat breaking down the latex, it is advised that you replace that condom often and throw the old one away. You can also only store the condom in your wallet over the weekends or on days when you are especially optimistic.

Another question we’ve been asked is about storing the condom in your car’s glove box or side compartment. The same logic applies to this as to your wallet, however in this instance it’s your car’s heat, and the heat from the sun that does the damage instead of your body heat. Anyone who’s sat down in a car in the middle of the summer after the sun has been glaring down on your car for a few hours knows how hot it can get in a car. When a car is running, it obviously can also generate an enormous amount of heat. This heat can also weaken the latex. So if you and your partner are big fans of the back seat of your car, just make sure to replace that condom every so often so that you can stay completely protected.

Always have extras

At home it’s always good to keep extra condoms on hand. Some people often wonder if it’s OK to just keep condoms in the nightstand, or whether they won’t be protected from the elements that way. As mentioned earlier, we have sometimes been asked if a condom should be stored in the refrigerator or some other protective storage unit (a humidor, for example.) The quick answer is no. Condoms were designed to be durable and last in room temperature conditions. Any extraneous heat or cold that will waft through your room during the seasons will not noticeably deteriorate the latex. It’s not necessary to keep them at a certain temperature or level. All of these wear-and-tear factors were considered by the manufacturers when the condom was made and is part of what determines a condom’s expiration date. So don’t fear the dresser drawer or night stand. These storage staples will do you just fine.


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Worst Places to Store Your Condoms:

  •  Do not store your condoms in your wallet unless you are bringing only one and plan to use it that night. Storing condoms in your wallet, then putting your wallet in your back pocket is a bad idea. Between the friction of your body movements, sitting down, and the body heat, this can lead to the condom wearing down. If you want to have the condom on hand and need to keep it in your wallet, make sure it is a new, fresh condom out of the pack that same day. Be sure to check the condom before use.
  •  Do not keep your condoms in your glove compartment. Although you may think this would be a great spot since you can lock your car, and keep your condoms handy when you are out, the heat from the car will not be good for the condition of the condom. Heat can wear down the condom so avoid storing it there.
  •  Do not keep your condoms in the refrigerator or freezer. Freezing or refrigerating condoms will not keep your condoms fresh. It will only affect the material and condition of the condom.
  •  Do not keep your condoms outside. It is important to store your condoms in a dry, cool area. The change in outside temperature and other weather conditions can negatively affect the condition of the condoms.
  •  While some of these points may seem like common sense, you would be surprised where people store their condoms. Keeping your condoms in the best condition possible is the way to ensure that the condoms will be effective in keeping you protected.

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