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Online Dating

With the stigma of online personals all but evaporated, the Internet dating industry has surpassed porn as the revenue-generating champ of the Web. And while popular sites like and Yahoo take center stage there is a trend towards niche dating sites. Online dating is more common than ever – but it’s still not easy. We looked at a number of expert and user reviews to identify the best sites to check out, which are listed below. Dating Website

I first came across some time ago and it just keeps on getting better. Lots of good quality singles with photos and I loved the fact that you can include up to ten pictures on your profile. It is definitely one of the top 10 dating sites. Again, it’s free to register so what do you have to lose?

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 Perfect Match Dating Website

If you are seeking your perfect match then look no further! Featuring millions of registered members, Perfect Match is packed with fantastic features which makes it stand out from all the other dating sites. Sign up today for your free compatibility profile – you won’t be disappointed!

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 Lava Life Dating Website

Lavalife allows you to post three different profiles at one time, answering different questions for each of them. How is this useful? Lavalife has three different sections: Dating, Relationships, and Intimate Encounters. You are allowed full anonymity to pursue who you want, how you want. From a features standpoint, this website blows the others out of the water. They offer a huge slew of communication options, including chat and instant messaging, e-mail, smiles, sharing of private photo galleries, video greetings, and phone calls made through the site.

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 Zoosk Dating Website

Zoosk is an social networking global dating website that takes advantage of the popularity of social media sites. Zoosk easily integrates with Face Book, MySpace, Bebo, and mobile phones, making the dating scene a community experience

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OKC is almost entirely free, with a small cost for luxury options, like a specialty search mechanism and removal of ads. The site employs a mathematical algorithm based on your answers to a series of questions, and based on that algorithm they tell you what percentage match, friend, and enemy you are with any given user. The most stand-out feature for the site is the staff blog. The blog posts analyze their massive user base and provide extremely helpful tips for how to increase your odds at online dating. Recently they even began offering a service calledMyBestFace, which analyzes the pictures you have posted and tells you which one will generate the most responses.

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 Plenty of Fish Dating Website

This is a greatly popular free dating website that has millions of members from all over the world. Launched in 2003, site has over 10 million members and receives one of the most monthly visits of any dating website according to the Internet statistics. This website is a free internet dating service with a large membership base of people between the ages of 18 to 80 years old. Also it offers dating services and a whole lot.

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